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A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001

Join Radio Free Mormon as we begin our study of the Book of Mormon using the Sunday School materials for the LDS Church.

Where you learn the stuff you’re never gonna hear in regular Sunday school!


8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001”

  1. Check Alma 37:9 This verse/definition is never used. Why? “…the plates (Book of Mormon) brought them (Lamanites) to repentance that is to know the Lord their God and to rejoice in Jesus Christ their redeemer.” For A of F #4 and DC 29:42 and other scripture the Bible’s Greek definition, mentanoea, change heart, is always used. That means repent/ follow the Lord not know the Lord our God and rejoice in Jesus Christ our redeemer. Repentance is the second principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is important. The common definition, change of heart, relates to faith in Christ, repent and follow Him. Faith is principle #1. It is important but principle #2 is different and more important. It is eternal life, celestial. Faith is a good start but will open the telestial door. According to Alma repentance is defined in scripture and not just by a Greek theologian. Scripture says repentance is to know both God and Jesus Christ.

  2. 1 Nephi 3:7 When Nephi is told to go get the plates, he says he will do it because when the Lord give a commandment, he always provides a way to succeed. When you get to 1 Nephi 11:25… the iron rod, you might want to present this. Christ says “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me”. Matt 11:29 He would not recommend an ox yoke, which is the usual presentation. An ox yoke is for oxen to pull carts or wagons. People used a shoulder yoke, a wooden rod with straps on the ends, to carry baskets of food or jars of water. (See Google images, shoulder yoke) However, Jeremiah 28:14 Christ says his yoke is iron, an iron rod. “Take up my yoke (the iron rod/word of God) and learn of me”.

  3. I love your commitment to go through all four years of the Come Follow Me manuals.
    It’s great to have reminders of how watered down the doctrinal messages of the church are becoming. It’s apparent that the LDS church is going the same route as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ did in moving to their watered-down version under their new moniker, The Community of Christ.
    Thanks for all you do, RFM. I among many others really appreciate it!

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