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This is a master list of all audio episodes. Please enjoy.

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2024-05 (May)
    A Thorny Problem in the Book of Mormon: Missing Generations in the Small Plates of Nephi: Mormon Sunday School: RFM: 014
    The Book of Mormon Population Problem: Radio Free Mormon: Sunday School: 012
    The 600-Year Prophecy of Jesus: Mormon Sunday School: 1 Nephi 16-22: 005

2024-04 (April)
    Joseph Smith's Fingerprints on the Book of Mormon [RFM Sunday School: 013]
    Gospel Principles "Scriptures" Chapter 10

2024-03 (March)
    A False Book of Mormon Prophecy?: Radio Free Mormon Sunday School: 011: 2 Nephi 26-33: Lessons 11-12
    Priesthood Ban Refuted by Book of Mormon?: Radio Free Mormon Sunday School: 010: 2 Nephi 20-25: March 4-10
    Gospel Principles "Prophets of God" Chapter 9
    Gospel Principles "Praying To Our Heavenly Father" Chapter 8
    Gospel Principles "The Holy Ghost" Chapter 7

2024-02 (February)
    Gospel Principles "The Fall" Chapter 6
    Why Is The Book of Mormon So Boring?: Radio Free Mormon Sunday School: 009
    Gospel Principles "The Creation" Chapter 5
    The Monster in the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 6-10: RFM Sunday School: 008
    2 Nephi 3–5 “A Skin Of Blackness” [Feb 12th-18th 2024] Come Follow Me
    Gospel Principles "Freedom To Choose" Chapter 4
    The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project: RFM Sunday School: 006

2024-01 (January)
    Gospel Principles "Jesus Christ Our Chosen Leader And Savior" Chapter 3
    Nephi's Vision of the Future: Mormon Sunday School: 004
    Gospel Principles "Our Heavenly Family" Chapter 2
    Gospel Principles "Our Heavenly Father" Chapter 1
    Come and Partake of the Fruit: Mormon Sunday School: 003
    The Slaying of Laban: Mormon Sunday School: 002
    A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001