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A Thorny Problem in the Book of Mormon: Missing Generations in the Small Plates of Nephi: Mormon Sunday School: RFM: 014

Welcome, eager learners, to another enlightening episode of Radio Free Mormon Sunday School! I’m RFM, your dedicated host, and today, we’re diving into the sixteenth week of the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum for the Book of Mormon in 2024. Our focus? Unraveling a thorny problem within the Book of Mormon—the transition from the large plates of Nephi to the Small Plates of Nephi, particularly in light of the Plates of Lehi (The lost 116 pages). Radio Free Mormon Sunday School, where you will learn stuff you’re never gonna hear in regular Sunday School, invites you to join us as we delve into the complexities surrounding this pivotal transition and explore its implications for our understanding of the Book of Mormon. In “A Thorny Problem in The Book of Mormon,” we’ll discuss: Scripture Study Revelation: Embark on a deep dive into the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum, examining the intricate details of the Book of Mormon’s structure and composition. Uncover insights that shed light on the challenges faced by the author in navigating the transition from the lost 116 pages to the Small Plates of Nephi. “He Worketh in Me to Do According to His Will”: Explore passages within the Book of Mormon that provide clues to the author’s mindset and divine guidance in addressing the missing generations. Consider how the hand of God may have influenced the narrative to fulfill His purposes. Analyzing the Transition: Dissect the textual clues and narrative strategies employed by the author to seamlessly transition from one set of plates to another, examining the implications for our understanding of Book of Mormon history and theology. “Believe in Christ” and the Quest for Truth: Reflect on the significance of this thorny problem for Latter-day Saints today, emphasizing the importance of grappling with challenging truths and seeking a deeper understanding of our faith. Join us on this thought-provoking journey as we confront the complexities of the transition to the Small Plates of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Radio Free Mormon Sunday School is committed to providing a space for critical inquiry and deeper exploration, addressing topics that may challenge conventional narratives. Don’t miss out on the unique insights that will broaden your understanding of this intriguing aspect of scripture study.


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